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Recruitment is one of the most important resources that every organization considers an asset. The better recruitment an organization has, the better it performance. Hence, over the last decade recruitment training has played a key role in making better personnel for every organization that needs competent human resource as part of their growth strategy.

It has become common that every organization has to have a professionally qualified recruiter. As the importance of recruitment training has increased over the last decade, recruitng professionals have moved on to become specialized in different areas of recruitment activities like Rewards Specialists, Compensation and Benefits Strategists, Recruitment Analyst and Learning and Development rather than being a generic recruiter.

The training packages have been designed to meet all the generic and specific training requirements of the candidates. Our unmatched experience in corporate training and development has helped us come up with competitive and objective training modules.

  • Introduction to recruitment .
  • Introduction to Resourcing.
  • Candidate Interviewing .
  • Head Hunting .
  • Presenting roles to candidates.
  • Candidate Control & Testing Commitment.
  • Candidate Lead Generation.
  • Expanding Your Network Client Development.
  • Building your Desk.
  • Structuring a new business conversation.
  • Objection Handling.
  • Taking a job spec, clarifying urgency & closing for interview commitment.
  • Marketing candidates to clients.
  • Selling Exclusivity.
  • Selling Retained Searches.
  • Selling working interviews.
  • Fee Negotiation Process Management.
  • Candidate Interview Preparation & Testing Commitment.
  • Client Interview Preparation & Testing Commitment.
  • Candidate Interview Debrief & Pre-Closing.
  • Client Interview Debrief & Pre-Closing.
  • Pre-Close, Close & Managing Through To Start Date Personal Effectiveness.